Abundant Living

Bible Verse:
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

It’s 10:49, and the house is quiet, save for me. The children have dozed off, and my spouse is resting. I am watching sports. I’ve eaten some grapes and have really settled into the peace that exists in my home right now. I am enjoying it! I am enjoying it so much, that it has inspired me to sit at my computer, in the midst of my nirvana, and share a thought with you. Is this the abundant life that Jesus spoke of in the Gospel of John? Am I over simplifying what Jesus was saying? Jesus spoke of abundant living while trying to explain to His disciples what a good shepherd was/is. Jesus wanted them to know that a good shepherd would always look after His sheep. A good shepherd would make sure that they were clothed, fed, and kept safe. A good shepherd would always look out for his people. It was at that point that Jesus told His disciples about His desire for them to have life, and have it more abundantly. Two thoughts come to mind: First, abundant living is about more than money. The sheep were fed, they were safe, they were happy, and they were content. In fact, have you ever heard a sheep ask for money? Second, I was perplexed as to why Jesus would talk about the thief right before He spoke of abundant living. Well, the thief comes to convince us that we don’t have all that we should right now. The thief convinces us that we should have more money, a bigger house, a newer car. The thief does not come to steal our material goods; he comes to take our spiritual ones. He comes to rob us of our peace and joy, because he convinces us that we do not have all that we should. I am healthy, and the roof over my head is firm. I am about to lie down in a warm bed and get some rest. Tomorrow, I will get up and head off to my job. I have abundant living right now, because the shepherd has made provisions for me. Don’t let the thief steal what the good shepherd has blessed you with!

Ending Prayer:
Father, we know that you are an awesome God! We thank you for your son Jesus, who has blessed us with food, clothing, shelter, and peace of mind. We thank you for the material blessings that you have given as well. We pray that you would continue to provide abundant living, and that you would continue to watch over us and keep us safe. In Jesus' name: Amen.

By Stephen  ( Michigan, USA )