Let’s Celebrate!

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice! Philippians 4:4 (NASB

I read in the newspaper about a reclusive person who lived in a rundown house that was full of junk and piles of yellowed newspapers. It turned out that he had a huge amount of money in a bank account. He had so much money but used little of it. We tend to scoff at these types of people and think of them as foolish. Too often Christians can be like that stingy, rich person; not because we have hoarded money but because we have held back something even more valuable. God has given us so much and yet we can often lead frustrated lives full of complaining and trying to “one down” the next person. Sometimes we think that the most spiritual Christian is the one who is the most dour and serious. Many of us look like we are posing for the cover of the book of Lamentations. Yet in the Bible the words “rejoice,” “glad,” “happy,” “celebrate,” and “joy” appear 624 times. God wants us to be full of life, to glow and celebrate with His joy, and to be the type of p eople that others will be drawn to and want to be like. We have the blessings of God—we should act like it! Unlike giving away money which can be depleted, we can never give away enough joy that we will ever run out.

God, teach me to focus on Your blessings that I might flow with Your joy

By  Bob (New Jersey, USA)