God Never Changes

For I am the Lord, I change not… Malachi 3:6 (KJV)

In February, my green lawns are changed to straw gold. My views of prime farmland, fields, and hills all around me are changed dramatically from green to yellow, light brown, dark brown, and dirty brown. Yes, even here in Victoria, one of Australia’s cooler states, this seasonal change takes place as temperatures rise above 40C some days. In other parts of the world, green lawns and surrounding areas are changed to white. Wouldn’t we like to change over, just for a short visit, maybe a couple of hours to warm up or cool down? Are not we, and our whole lives full of major and minor changes? Some good, some not so good? Changes are inevitable in this human earthly life. But amidst all of life’s variableness, we can totally ‘Rest’ our faith in this truth, our Almighty, All Powerful God never changes! He never changes His Love for his children; it is always fresh, in full bloom. His loving heart never alters. His years do not end. He is Eternal. God will never let us down, disappoint us, or break any promise. How perfect the example. How precious the assurance. How wonderful the confidence and trust. He is the Lord. He changes not!

Praise You Almighty God of truth, that we can ever depend upon You never to change Yourself or Your Word. May we in our relationships conduct ourselves with Godly faithfulness and integrity in all of our dealings? Thank You, Jesus, in Your lovely Name, Faithful and True. Amen and Amen. 

By Rosemary (Westbury, Victoria, Australia)