A Wedding Miracle

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. Psalm 37:7 (NIV)

Attempts to reconcile with my friends met with stony silence. I bombarded them with e-mail messages, cards of apology and shared photos of happier times. No response.

I had hurt their feelings and now they ignored my efforts of reconciliation. I prayed for their forgiveness, but as time passed I knew I could not make them forgive me. All I could do was pray and wait. Two years passed. Two years! Would I ever get a second chance? Mending our friendship looked like an impossible task. Continued prayer assured me I had done my best to patch our relationship. I entrusted my helplessness to God and lay my guilt to rest.

Maybe that's what God was waiting for: that settled-in feeling of calm when my heart focuses on him and I remember to put my cares in his hands. A few months later, God in his faithfulness put my old friends and me together at a wedding celebration. I saw them across the room and before I knew what to do or say, I was met by their smiles and wrapped in a warm bear hug. Much of the day was spent in happy reminiscing.

Next time my spirit is restless, I'll try to remember who is in control.

Lord, thank you for your perfect timing. Remind me always to wait patiently for you. Amen.