Be Reasonable

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Isaiah 1:18 (NIV)

I love Fall, the clear blue skies, the aspen trees covered in gold, red and bronze. The leaves fall and cover our yard in thick and glorious profusion. The clear, crisp days make me feel alive. My job is to rake the leaves, so that my husband can pick them up with the lawn mower, but there are always those last hangers-on that fall down on the neat lawn. Then comes the rain and the sky is grey, the leaves that are left now stick to our shoes and get tracked into the house and become a nuisance. The yard, not long ago vibrant with color, is now wet and brown, and the plants are dead and drooping. The glory has gone from my yard.

The first snow flakes fall slowly and thickly covering the leaves, turning the drooping plants into winsome statues. How lovely it is to see the trees decked out in glistening white. The untidy yard is now a pristine wonderland.

Every year, this change of the seasons brings the promise of this scripture in Isaiah to life for me. I am so grateful that my sins are covered by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Even those sins that tend to stick, by His power can be eradicated. God asks us to be reasonable and acknowledge that we have sinned, so that He can cover them with His righteousness. How can we refuse?

Dear Father, each year at this time, I am reminded of Your gift of forgiveness. Let me never take lightly Your sacrifice, but accept with gratefulness, the covering of my sins by Your righteousness. Amen.