Beyond the Window

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 107:1 (NKJ)

The sun’s rays have just begun to slice through the morning mist as I meditate upon the goodness of the Lord, His faithfulness and His love for one so inconsistent as I.

My intentions are good. Each morning as I read from His Word or my devotional books, I glean so many truths to digest or share. As the day goes on, my memory and inspiration fade. I become occupied with other matters -- taking my medication, making juice and preparing breakfast for Mom. Those activities are all so daily! I long for the unusual, the exciting and the fresh wind of inspiration.

For over a year during a time of illness, I spent hours and days in bed, often alone. I never thought to draw up the shades in my confined room. One day, when I was feeling stronger and more like wanting to live again, I carefully pulled the cord to open a window shade. There, outside my window, were clear blue skies, green trees, colorful flowers and radiant hummingbirds! My lips burst forth in thanks to God as tears coursed down my cheeks. That wonderful scene was there during the long months of my confinement, and God in His goodness was waiting to bestow on me His mercy that endures forever.
Thank You, Lord, for your endless mercy that is available every moment. Amen.