Don't Just Wing It - Soar!

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings as eagles…  Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

Recently I was reminded of a small pet parrot called a budgie that we had years ago in our home in Zimbabwe, Central Africa. He joined our household of five, along with our four dogs, and he quickly became the focus of much attention. Swinging was one of his favorite activities in his cage. One day as we were changing his water bowl, he somehow managed to escape from his cage and began desperately flying and flapping around the room. Shades of green and yellow whizzed over our heads. After much commotion, we were finally able to catch our weary, trembling little budgie and stow him safely away in his cage. What a pitiful sight! 

Not so the bald eagle. With a body perfectly designed for flight, the bald eagle uses thermals or updrafts, which are currents of rising warm air, to help it soar to a high altitude and smoothly glide long distances until it finds the next thermal or updraft. An eagle’s wingspan is impressive and can measure seven to eight feet wide, further facilitating its flight. The eagle’s method of flying involves mostly soaring and gliding, which reduces the amount of flapping and flying that it has to do.

How like that little budgie I am sometimes! When I do not wait upon the Lord, I am like a panicky little bird, flitting and flapping to no avail and wasting all of my energy. Basically just winging it! When I put the Lord first and look to Him as my source of strength, He infuses me with life-saving power so that I can soar like an eagle and glide above the fray!

Lord, help me to spread my wings and catch your rising currents. Give me power to shed those restraints that would hinder my spiritual progress. Let me not be content to flap when the Holy Spirit nudges me to fly. Increase my strength so that I may mount up with wings as an eagle and soar to heavenly heights with You! Amen.