Fighting Goliaths

For evildoers will be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land. Psalm 37:9 (NASB)
It was a simple request. We wanted long distance service. "No problem," the world renowned company said. "You can use it immediately." We picked up a house phone, followed the instructions and got a message to call our phone service. We called them back. They asked, “Did you try this?” 

“Yes,” we said slightly irritated. After more questions, they put us on hold. They reported we had a past due bill that went to a collection agency. Until we rectified the bill, they would block our phone from long distance service.

We found a cancelled check that proved we had paid on time. We talked to people up and down the ladder of the corporation. Excuses abounded, internal accusations developed, frustrations grew, and the giant roared louder. Months passed as we waited and probed.
Simultaneously, we purchased a service twice with a credit card, and then had to cancel one. The service company willingly stopped it but said they could not refund our card, only the credit company could. We called the gargantuan entity to discover they would have to converse with the powers that be and decide if our dispute was valid. After many calls, faxes and documentation, we received a letter stating they refunded it, but it never showed on our statement. Weekly calls ensued, hope diminished, patience waned, and the goliath growled.
Months later, we received two separate mailings. The first contained a refund from the phone company and a letter releasing us to acquire long distance with anyone. The second held a letter of apology from the enormous credit card company with a statement showing the refund. 
Help us Father to wait on You when the goliaths in our lives roar like lions. Remind us of what You have done so we can patiently endure evildoers attempting to impede our progress. When we inherit the abated blessings, may we be quick to offer You praise. Amen.