From We to Me

God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 (NIV)

I’d done it again! In my hand I held a birthday card that read, "We wish you the best birthday ever."

The problem? There was no more we, only me.

After all the years of togetherness I was now alone, and the transition had been too abrupt for me to adjust. What happened to the "two become one" at our wedding? Someone to share my dreams and problems with, someone who cared what happened to me--that was a welcome adjustment.

Now there was no more waking up to a cup of coffee brought to my bedside, no plans to be discussed for the day or day’s events to be shared in the evening. The solitary meals were barely choked down, and the privacy I’d often longed for through the years of child rearing now screamed in my ears.

Yes, I still trusted God. How anyone can go through severance from a loved one not believing that God is sovereign is more than I can imagine. Though now I couldn’t share thoughts and questions about the Bible with my life-companion, I was spending more time in prayer and reading scripture than before. Comfort, purpose for tomorrow, any strength I had came from God’s Word.

I looked again at the card in my hand. We? Then I realized I was not alone. When I accepted Christ into my life He and I became one in spirit, and His living within me will never cease. He promised me he’d never leave me or forsake me. I won’t ever have to face the devastation of losing my spiritual husband from desertion or death.

I’m still part of "we."

Lord, help us to remember You are always with us. In busy days or quiet, crowded rooms or solitary, may we really know Your presence and never-ending love.