Give Me the Large Economy Size

I will run the way of thy commandments, and thou shall enlarge my heart. Psalm 119:32 (KJV)

Many elements of the Word of God may be found in Psalm 119. I've discovered so many intricate details within these verses.

They talk about learning God's word, committing them to our hearts, to our thinking, to our behavior, and to our memories. But they also talk about obedience.

The second part of verse 32 stood out for me, because I wondered - why would we need our hearts enlarged?

I thought about how a garden loses its shape and definition when weeds begin to overcome it. When you pull out the weeds and re-establish the garden's form, it appears larger.

Our hearts can fill with weeds: fear, anger, bitterness and disregard for others. Often, our busy lifestyles let in these weeds, and leave out God. They take the place of quality time to serve and display a Jesus attitude to family, friends or to a troubled world.

C.C Williams shows us in his familiar hymn Room for Jesus that we so often neglect what is most important. The line points out that we have "room for business and room for pleasure", but omit time for Jesus.

David said, "When I follow thy commandments - thou shall enlarge my heart." My desire is that I be obedient to God. Then my heart will be enlarged daily - and become larger with compassion for others, and for wisdom and understanding that I can use to help others. The larger it gets for God's ways, the less room there will be for weeds and desires of the world.

Father, help me to use the time you've given me wisely, and for your purpose. I want to use the words and promises you've given me to enlarge my heart for others. I thank you for making a beautiful space for growth there, and for weeding out unnecessary emotions and failures. Thank you Jesus, we love you. Amen.