God Wants Your Heart

. . . when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2 (KJV)

Dear God thank You for Your love.

God, where are You? Some people question today. As You know I sometimes act childish and question that too. But thank You for comforting me with the truth. And the truth is You are everywhere. From the lowest, to the highest places, and I give You the highest of praises for that. I know You have never forsaken me.

You were my support, You delivered me from many troubled waters. I know You are always with me and I love You for that. You are with me today. I feel You. I thank You that I could talk so simple and plain to You.

Thank You for being more than a friend to me. I could thank You for many many things You have done for me. Even if You don't send me a white hearted cloud, I know You still love me. You have proven Your love to me time and time again with Your own heart. A heart that drifted and landed in my soul.
Father in Heaven as You see, we are living in hardship times, especially these days where there is so much calamity, suffering, and destruction going on. Today I pray for people that need You today, and especially those who doubt You or perhaps lost their faith because they think You have forsaken them.

Lord have Your way, a way that the lost will find their way to You as you send Your love to them. Rescue the lost, Lord; soon may they rejoice with the renewal and recommitment to You. Lord give Your peace to this world today. Lord may everyone Feel Your love as you fill them up with Your own hearted clouds that also drift and land on their souls. May smiles appear once again on their lips.

Lord, thank You for sending Your love . . . again. And Lord if any of my Sisters or Brothers need a touch from you, please touch. If they need a healing, please heal. If they need comfort, please comfort. Yes, Lord, we just need You. Amen.