Homer's Hope

But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it. Romans 8:25 (New American Standard Bible)

Our Shi tzu dog, Homer, will wait with his nose to the door every single time we are about to leave the house. Last week my husband asked me, "How does he always know we are leaving?" Well, even pets know and understand the behavior of those they live with. We had both just put our shoes on; we seemed in a hurry. I had picked up my purse and turned off the light, and my husband had mentioned the word "car." That will get a response from Homer every time! But we rarely take him with us. Still he patiently waits.

Over the last few days, that seemingly unimportant little event has bothered me. Homer patiently waits and hopes. While reading the Bible, I came across the verse in Romans 4:18, "In hope against hope he believed...." which talks of Abraham. That caught my attention.

Do I have that kind of hope? The hope that perseveres, believes, endures? I am now reminded of the hope my Savior wants me to have every time I leave the house, with my dog standing with his nose to the door. Homer believes and hopes that one day I will take him with me.  
O, that I would patiently hope and long to be with my Master, as a beloved pet loves to be with his. Lord, forgive me that I don't patiently wait and hope to hear your voice and feel your presence. Amen.