Hundredfold Blessing

"…and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:2-3 (NIV)

God has a great desire to bless us, and when He does, He wants to bless others through us. From when He first promised blessings to the world through the nation of Israel down through history, that has been His desire.

God’s range of blessings is limitless. I can see this variety of blessings within my own family. My grandmother on my Dad’s side, for example, has been blessed with long life. She is presently 100 years old.

Yes, she has become smaller and shorter with age, but she doesn’t really look a day over 75. I have never heard her complain about aches and pains, she takes no medicines (not even when the doctor says to!) and wakes each day feeling good and happy to be alive. She is most definitely blessed.

Grama is also healthy and active. She takes little heed of the age thing until someone else reminds her, often with those pesky birthdays. She bowls three times a week, plays bingo, lunches and shops with her many friends, walks every morning, and goes to church each week. She broke a couple of ribs at 77 while roller skating, got her ears pierced at 94, quit driving (thankfully!) at 98. She loves her church, and her bowling teammates are happy just to have her there. However, she mourns for her diminishing skills; she really wants to win.

She had a hard life, but remained faithful to God, and loyal to her husband and family. Now she blesses everyone around her. No, she’s not a great wealth of wisdom, or overtly sweet-natured, or any other special grandmotherly quality. She just is who she is and she blesses people around her with her age and just by being herself. She encourages others with her positive attitude, her tireless spirit, generous manner and quiet faith. She can’t understand how little is required for her to bring joy and encouragement to others.

It is God who uses us to bless others. It’s never been required that we do the blessing; that’s God’s job. All we ever have to do is be willing to let Him work through us. He can think of a lot more creative ideas than we could. He only wants to make sure we allow Him to get the credit for His good work.

So I still have my little grandma, about a pound for every year, and she is a blessing to me every day. She lets everyone make a fuss over her if they want to, and gets on with the business of living.

Dear Lord, teach me how to let You work through me. Allow me the honor of being the instrument which You use to enrich others. All the glory be Yours forever, Amen.