Mrs. Jones, a Shining Light

Thy word I have treasured in my heart…  Psalm 119:11 (NASB)

When I worked as a nurse in a nursing home, Mrs. Jones was one of my patients. She suffered from dementia and wasn’t aware of anything going on around her. Although her mind was gone, she spoke things which gave insight into her earlier years. One morning, I heard her calling out to her daughter.

“Ernestine, wake up now! It’s time for us to go to church. You can’t sleep all day, girl. Come down these stairs now!”

Another time, Mrs. Jones preached a powerful evangelistic message. She declared the greatness of Jesus. I marveled at the accuracy of her sharing of the Gospel. She quoted Scripture and I was awed by her incredible presentation.

While this was happening, two nursing assistants changed linens on Mrs. Jones’ bed, listening closely while they worked. I knew they didn’t have a relationship with the Lord and were hearing the Truth.

It was amazing how God used a lady, whose mind seemed gone, to preach the good news. I realized that Mrs. Jones used her younger years wisely. She cultivated a close relationship with the Lord while her mind was clear. She grew in faith and memorized Scripture. On Sunday mornings she took her daughter to church.

It was a reminder that time spent with the Lord now, will pay great dividends later. Mrs. Jones was still being a bright, shining light.

Thank you for the mysterious ways you work, dear Lord. Please help us to fill our hearts and minds with more of Your Word. Help our lights to always shine.