Our Dwelling Place

Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Psalm 90:1 (NASB)
One of our ancestor’s homes was being torn down in preparation for new construction. The demolition crew was surprised to find antique bottles hidden between the walls. These bottles contained love letters from my great-grandmother’s sister, Libbie Magle, to her fiancé, Alex Bruce. Local author, Jean Gora, bought the letters and wrote a book about them called "My Sweetest Libbie."

It was fun reading about our relatives’ lives in 1886-1887 and how they spent their time. The whole family worked hard, running a boarding house. My great-great-grandpa was the steamship captain. These letters were sweet and innocent.

It caught my eye when I read that Libbie was looking forward to the soon-to-arrive, traveling evangelists. In another letter, she told Alex how she had gone to four church services in one day. It was exciting to be able to fast-forward through their lives and find out how their lives unfolded. They eventually married and God did a great work in their generation and the ones to follow.

Truly, God has been our dwelling place in all generations and you can rest assured that He is working in your family too. Isn’t it wonderful whenever you hear about your loved ones who are following Christ? How exciting it will be to someday unite in heaven with all those relatives who loved the Lord, yet died before you or I were born.

Thank you, Lord, for the way you have worked in all the generations, drawing people to Yourself. Please continue to work in the hearts of all of our descendants. Amen.