Painful, But for Our Good

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. Romans 8:28 (The Message)

A relative started a business of his own about seven years ago and it was indeed rough. He borrowed money to eat. There were times he would call me and weep. He wondered what God was up to. I suggested he should look for a part time job if he was bent on running his business so that the job could at least provide food for him. He applied for paid jobs to no avail. So he felt if God did not allow him get a job, then he must have a breakthrough in his business. As he got into the seventh year, 2006, he told God that the year had to be his year of release into his abundance.

I kept praying for him and in October, I asked God, “Dear Lord, when will you grant him this breakthrough.” Then God told me he will have his breakthrough in December. I wrote it down and often I would look at it and remind God of His promise.

Meanwhile in November, he had an accident and had a fracture. This slowed him down. I worried and wondered if the breakthrough in December would be a reality. As days in December continued to pass by, I reminded God of His promise.

On 23rd December, I travelled home and he informed me that he had hit his first million Naira. It was a quantum leap! 

It was then I intimated him of my discourse with God, and he said something very profound. He said he believed the accident was for his good. If he had not had the accident, he would have travelled for a conference and would have switched off his phone. Then he would have lost the opportunity to make the sale. 

Thought: As strange as it may be, some painful experiences may happen to us so that God may fulfill his purpose or answer our prayers.

Dear Lord, give us the grace to go through our trials, knowing that you will not abandon us in it.