Sometimes He Speaks Through Song

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah. Psalm 32:7 NIV

For over 30 years, I experienced financial peace, always paying on time, never receiving a late notice. Now newly remarried, I inherited a mountain of debts with daunting financial issues. Even though my new husband aggressively tried to clear his outstanding charges, they still stood before us. The bills seemed impassable.  

Threats from businesses, IRS, lawyers, and others continued to bombard us. It seemed like the war of attrition: for every attempt we made to get ahead, we seemed to gain only six inches out of 100 yards. In trying to do right, our economic woes increased. When would this end? What more could we do? We called, wrote, called again, e-mailed, sent certified letters, made payments in an effort to appease; all to no avail. What now Lord?  

Words from heaven came to rescue our anxious thoughts - lyrics from a 70s song, “Give it all, Give it all, Give it all to Jesus and He will turn your sorrow into joy.” My husband and I agreed it was His money, not ours. We are His stewards. He would work even this out for good as we yielded it all to Him. Peace reigned as we endeavored to decrease the financial mountain. We began to see progress. In the interim, we rehearse (Selah) this heaven sent song of deliverance.

Help us Lord to listen to songs that fill our minds; one of them might just bring the deliverance we seek. Amen.