The Turtle

Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. Matthew 6:8 (KJV) 

He’s part of the Caudill household. I say "he" because I don’t know how to see if the critter is male or female. We found him roaming along a creek bank. My boys captured him and brought him home to stay with us. He’s a painted turtle.

“You’ll not have him very long. Turtles don’t last very long when they’re not in the wild.”

We heard the same comment over and over. He was the size of a half dollar. He now measures four inches across the back of his shell, and still growing. He has been a part of us for twelve years. When we talk to him he acts like he understands every word that is said.

His main diet is reptile food obtained at the local pet store, but he gets an occasional treat of bugs and flies. Shake the container of reptile food and immediately he’ll turn his head to the direction of the sound. It is mealtime and he is ready to eat. Plop, splash, splash, splash, are the sounds that come from the aquarium as he jumps into the water. He knows what is in store. Sprinkled into the water the food floats just waiting for the turtle to partake. He’ll jump and splash in the water asking for more, even though his food is all around him.

On more than one occasion I have looked at the turtle and remarked, “I have already given you what you asked for. It’s as much as you need - all you need to do is look around you.”

For the turtle to see his food I have to walk away. In a little while I’ll venture back to the aquarium and check on him. I’ll find him on top of his rock. His tummy is full and life is wonderful until time to have his feast again.

“Haven’t I done the same with you?”

I was quickened by those words one day as I was trying to show the turtle where his food was. I would point at the food, but he would try and bite my finger through the glass.

Knowing God speaks through everyday circumstances I replied, “Well, Lord, since you have asked me that means you probably have.”

“Remember the dark days and fearful nights when you asked me why I have turned my back on you. I didn’t leave you. I just stepped back. I wanted you to see what I had given you.”

Just as the turtle depends on the Caudill household for his entire existence, I am learning to look around me and see that God has already given me more than I need. His Word says that nothing can separate me from His love; He knows my need before I ask. I know He will see to all I need the same as the Caudill household takes care of our turtle. 

Lord, help me to see that I have already been given what I have asked for and that it's more than enough. Let me focus on seeing what I have been given and not on asking for more. 

Thought for the day: Although we think we need more, God has promised us he knows what we need and will make sure we are taken care of.