To the Rescue

We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called to his purpose. (Rom. 8:28 – RSV)
Arriving at Piarco Airport the scheduled two hours before departure time, I was amazed to see none of my party there. Puzzled, I joined the PanAm queue and kept looking around to see if anyone from my group was about. After about ten minutes in the line, a couple from our group arrived. My relief on seeing them was short-lived. They said they had missed their flight, and only then I realized that flight times were re-arranged without anyone informing me. What if they hadn’t turned up? This flight was going to JFK and not to Washington, as was our original plan. 
Having the Carters as companions made me feel less apprehensive about this trip and I selfishly thanked God that they had missed their plane. At JFK, there was chaos. Flight cancellations and re-routing of people produced worried or angry expressions and my fear was being put on a separate flight from the Carters. Another Trinidadian, resident in the USA, bound for the same conference, approached us. What was remarkable about this chance meeting was I had left behind my notebook with all the details of the Hotel: name, address and telephone number. I remembered only the name. The couple knew the address and Dave the telephone number. We managed to travel together and arrived in Washington very late but safe. I thought how wonderful God is to me and silently pondered about how mysteriously He works. I would never have had the courage to continue my journey except for this chance encounter.

Lord, I thank you for the many occasions you have rescued me from difficult situations. You have allowed me to see over the years that as long as I put my trust and faith in you I need not fear, for nothing is impossible with you. Thank you, Father, for your love and divine protection. Amen.