We Build a Church

Unless The Lord builds the house they labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Today while volunteering in the children’s nursery, I struggled to understand what little Joseph was trying to say. After posing all probabilities, I guessed it.

“We build a church?”

Hand in hand, he led me over to the colorful cardboard building blocks. Once there, his child-like assurance revealed to me that he didn’t need my help. With his project completed, he wiggled right on in. When I realized his tight squeeze, I tried to sneak the bricks outward just a tad. No way. As soon as I touched the first brick his little brows put me in check.

Within seconds he looked around and noticed he couldn’t move an inch. Tilting his little head, he smirked my way and began to push the bricks outward on his own.

Isn’t that how we are with God? We begin to work on a project and invite Him. In love, He sends His Holy Spirit to fill us with the wisdom we need to pursue it. Half way through when things don’t go just the way we think they should, we move out on our own. Not realizing it until it’s too late; we sometimes find that we’ve boxed ourselves in. Only when the Holy Spirit confronts us can we turn around, as little Joseph did to me and say, “All right Lord, what is it You were trying to say?”

Dear Lord, help us to heed to the promptings of The Holy Spirit. Forgive us for the times that we think we can proceed forward without you. Amen.