Welcome to Our Church

…I was a stranger and you invited me in. Matthew 25:35 (NASB)

After our daughter Christine got married, she moved to her husband’s area. One Sunday, we visited her church. When Pastor Mark asked the visitors to fill out an information card, we did.

A week later, after we returned home, an attractive lady knocked on our door.

“Hi! My name is Madonna and I’m a member of Rock of Grace Church. You visited us last week. I just want to stop by to welcome you and say we’re glad you joined us. I brought you a hospitality basket from church,” she said, with eyes twinkling.

I was dumbfounded. The church was three hours from our home! What a wonderful surprise.

“You and your husband drove all this way to surprise me?!” I asked.

“My husband John has a business trip in Detroit and I knew we’d pass within an hour of your home. I thought you’d be surprised!” she added.

How thoughtful that John and Madonna took the time to stop through to see me. I told her that if I lived in my daughter’s area, I’d be eager to join her church. I was overjoyed by their warmth and wonderful visit.

This was a great lesson for me, reminding me how important it is to welcome newcomers. When we go out of our way to greet and visit those who come to our church, many will be touched by God’s love.

Lord, please help us to welcome the strangers who come to our church. Let your love shine through us as we bless them in a tangible way. Amen.