Winter's Promise - Heaven Bound

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalm 116:15 (NIV)

Our hearts ache constantly--no relief in sight.
Our friend rests in a medically induced coma and has been that way for over a week. His wife misses his touch and the soft words he used to whisper to her.
His winsome love for God drew people to him--and still does. He and his wife traveled to Germany and sought cancer treatments. God was there too. We laughed with him last month at a church BBQ.
But, where does endurance fit as his body shuts down and he waits for home? His wife endures under this pressure and knows God can heal if He chooses. She waits. We wait. The life of a very precious saint is in God's hands. And, if we close our eyes we can imagine Jesus standing at the bedside in that hospital room--arms open wide. At any time, He may stretch out His hand and take our friend home. If He does, we will again wait. We will wait for the Lord to call His Church home. This reunion will be almost overwhelming—more than a heart can hold.
We ask God why and know that God rejoices over the death of his saints. The truth is that God, our Creator, can take anyone at any time. He shows this sovereignty in that one may be ill with warning of impending death and another may have no warning at all. Be ready. Be precious.
Lord, help us be ready and precious in your sight when you call us home. Amen.