Wrinkled Shirts

But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth. Exodus 9:16

A white shirt in my basement laughed at my iron and me. Each of the shirt’s embedded wrinkles seemed to mock us. “Can’t you do any better than that?” they hissed. “You may as well be using a banana!” Some of those creases had never seen the light of day. They were large enough to hide coins, bottle caps, and other foreign matter. While I stood there dumbfounded, my silver iron begged and pleaded for help. Being a good iron-owner, I eventually listened. I unplugged the miserable iron and gave it a refreshing drink of cold water. The iron smiled. I plugged it back in and turned the dial toward steam. Voila! Steam burst through the holes and charged forward. The shirt stopped laughing. The wrinkles ran for cover, and something else wonderful happened. I discovered an amazing thing about God.

His Spirit can move through us like steam through an iron and take the wrinkles out of our lives. He longs to do it. But it won’t happen, if we do not allow Him to pour Himself into us. And even if we’re full of holes and incompetent, like the iron, we can turn on our faith and let Him work things out through us.

Lord as You come into my life
To pour Your water in,
My heart begins to bubble up
My faith begins to spin.

Like steam moves through an iron
Your spirit soars through me,
And I am able to enjoy
The grace that sets me free.

And now my heart is able 
To do what it must do,
To touch the people in my life
And give them more of You.

For one by one the wrinkles
That ripped my life apart
Are yielding to the power
That is working in my heart.