God is Watching

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, watching the evil and the good. - Proverbs 15:3 (NASB)
We have a dog and a cat that live amicably together. However, the dog always wants to eat the cat’s food even though he knows that he should not. So when no one is in the room he will pick up the cat’s small bowl in his mouth, carry it into the next room, put it down, and eat the food. If he is caught while carrying the bowl he will drop it and run.
How many times do we take our sin to some isolated place thinking that no one will catch us? Jonah tried to escape God on a ship, Achan hid stolen treasures, and the wicked say, “The Lord does not see” (Psalm 94:7). We may close the door when we are on the internet or travel far from home expecting that no one will recognize us. But we forget that God is always watching. He sees our actions as clearly as if He was standing in the room with us and knows our thoughts as though we were speaking them out loud. If we would believe this then how much more ashamed would we be to sin? When we are tempted we should look over our shoulder, in a manner of speaking, and say, “Don’t worry, God, I’m not going to do it.” Then we will realize the joy that brings to Him and, consequently, the joy that victory brings to us.
Dear Father, let me always be aware of Your presence that I might be fearful to sin. Amen.