All Means All

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. I Peter 5:7 (KJV)

Growing up with nine brothers and sisters means accepting certain things or realities that may not exist in a smaller family. If I had a quarter for every time someone said: “give some to your brother”, or “give some to your sister”, I wouldn’t be rich, but I’d have a lot of quarters. The concept of getting “all” of anything is quite foreign to me. In fact, when I first moved out on my own, I bought a pack of cookies, and ate them all, not because I was hungry or even wanted them, but I just wanted to feel what it was like to have “all” of something. 

The concept of "all" extends beyond our carnal lives, and into our spiritual ones. We want “all” of God’s attention when we pray. We want “all” of the blessings that God has for us. Likewise, God wants all of some things from us. In the passage of scripture listed above, God, according to Peter the disciple, wants all of our care. He wants us to place at His feet all of our issues and challenges, and to trust that He will do what’s best for us. Do you trust God with all of your care?

I find it quite interesting that the Bible uses the word "care", and not the plural "cares". We look at our issues as being separate and unique. We struggle with challenge after challenge, and wrestle with many issues. It seems like as soon as we put one down, we decide to go and wrestle with another one. But God does not see them individually, He sees them collectively. To God, whatever it is, it is one care that is weighing heavy on His child. To God, it is not a bunch of things, it is one care that rests on the minds of His children, and (sometimes) keeps them from focusing on the things that He wants us to.

We all need to practice putting things in their proper place. The best place for our “care” is the altar of God. Let us tonight, today, right now, whatever time you are reading this, place your care at the altar of God, and pray that He handles it. 

Heavenly Father, we come today casting our care on You. Lord we place at the altar whatever it is that is keeping us up tonight. We place at Your feet whatever it is that has us concerned today. We place on Your altar the struggles of everyday life, and pray that the God we serve would grant us internal and external peace. In Jesus' Name, Amen.