Faith that Remembers

They quickly forgot His works; they did not wait for His counsel. Psalm 106:13 (NASB)

What if God miraculously provided you with all of your food and drink, your clothes never wore out, and if anyone annoyed you they soon transferred to another department or moved out of the neighborhood? And then God promised that your future would be filled with wonderful abundance. You would think that you would sneer at any temptation, persevere through any hardship, and always stay faithful to God. 

This was essentially what Israel experienced in the Exodus. So what was their response? They complained that the food was not good enough and that the leadership was getting all of the perks. They rebelled and created a golden calf and danced around it like it was their god. Why? Their faith lacked endurance. They judged God on their current situation and if it was not to their liking then they would yell, “Let’s go back!” Their faith had short-term memory; it was based only on how well the current circumstances were going. 

Out of around 2.5 million people only two men proved to reverence and trust God: Joshua and Caleb. The essence of their report was in Numbers 14:9, “… the Lord is with us; do not fear…” Too many of us are like the 2.5 million. We are like the child who screams “You don’t love me” because she did not get a pony for Christmas. God wants us, instead, to be like Joshua and Caleb. They remembered how good God is. Faith endures when it remembers.

God, when I am pressed in on every side may I recall your goodness to me. Amen.