Healing Will Come

Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed…” Jeremiah 17:14 (NIV)
Further Reading:  2 Corinthians 4:7-5:9

My uncle was in the Intensive Care Unit on oxygen and feeding tubes from a mini stroke, and my Aunt was talking to my 4 year old daughter telling her that Uncle Jim was very sick. “But Aunt Edie, Jesus is strong. He made me better. He can make Uncle Jim better too.” My heart was moved. Such hope and trust came from those little girl’s words. However, I knew that he would not make it. Then the thought came to me: there will be healing either way, here on earth or if he goes home.

Our loved ones might not be healed here on earth, but they will be healed in the presence of the Great Physician. For those of us in God’s family, we have a hope that those we love are healed and that we will see them again. He is a God that heals. I know my uncle is enjoying the fellowship with His Father face to face, and I wouldn’t wish to take that away from him.

Loving Father, we thank you for the peace and comfort you give to us in knowing our loved ones are healed and in your presence. Amen.