Praising God

Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you! (Psalms 67:7 ESV)

Praise comes wrapped in different packages. For some it wells up from the heart and finds its way out through tears of joy or lament. Others seek release through raised hands, and others through standing in the awe and wonder of HIS presence. Some, reluctant to do any of the above, sit or stand with the crowd, fixed and resistant.

I was one of those sitters and standers until recently, as the choir raised their voices in praise, I could not remain seated. I did not care what anyone thought, my heart was full, my sense of gratitude overpowering, I must stand in the awe and wonder of my God! So I did.

What a wonderful release of joy and praise. It was not so much that I was standing, as it was my willingness to release and express the fullness of joy I was experiencing. For almost forty years I had kept it bottled up. After all, my denomination doesn’t normally express praise that way. But I was not alone. Others were lifting hands or standing, joining in praise.

Something special happened that day; a milestone in my journey of faith. It may be, I will never be moved in such a way again. That’s okay. What I learned is that praise must not be bottled up. I can release it and open my heart to the fullness of God and praise for his grace!  

Father, with a thankful heart I lift my praise. May I find the strength to release the fullness of joy that comes from loving You in a manner that brings glory to Your name. Amen