The One Who Hides

You are my hiding place. You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7 (NIV)

I have never experienced God's hiding power more than when I taught English as a Christian teacher in a restricted country in 1994. Some evenings the school where I taught held conversational English chats in the courtyard outside. The school's headmaster poked his head into our group of seven to make sure we were discussing secular matters; nothing religious could be discussed.

"Do you know the Lord?" a student in my group quietly asked me after the headmaster left to monitor another group.

"Oh yes!" I exclaimed.

"Do you talk to Him when you are afraid?" She almost whispered the question as she watched the monitors moving from group to group.

"Oh, yes!" I cried, thrilled to discover that my entire group of young women were Christian. They shared how they were part of an underground church that had no Bibles. They began earnestly pleading with me to send them Bibles. I promised I would. As we talked, I sensed an electrifying, warm, and impregnable presence surrounding our group. These English teachers could have lost their jobs permanently if a monitor had discovered what we were really talking about, yet I never felt safer. God had enclosed us with a heavenly guard. He had hidden our words from nearby eavesdroppers so that my students' desperate need for His word might become known.

Are you facing danger or risk today? God's power to conceal you from harm holds no limit. Trust Him to completely shield you from evildoers.

Jesus, please strengthen our faith daily to believe that You will defend us and hide us as needed so that Your ways may be known on earth. Amen.