Too Busy to Love Him

Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept. Song of Solomon 1:6 (KJV)
Mercifully, through this verse, God revealed so clearly how easily I had become over-involved, devoting most of my time and attention to other people’s needs, thinking this was all in the Lord’s service. I was too happily serving, to see my blackness hiding behind my good intentions.
I worked out in the sun too much, as keeper of the vineyards, as it were, that I had become badly sunburned. I cared not for the vineyard of my own life; the God-given abundant life that Jesus Christ died to give me. I neglected to devote time and attention to Him. Graciously, He showed me, the further away I was from His glorious Spiritual Light, the blacker I would become, and the dimmer my life’s path before me.
Again, mercifully and very graciously, God helped me to stop, and turn around to absorb the fullness of His Light and His Word. I still serve others, but with God’s help, I first attend to my own vineyard and my personal relationship with Him, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.
Thank You Father, for showing me I had become too busy to Love You, too busy to spend time with You, too busy to receive your refreshing, renewing Holy Spirit and Light, so that I may shine for You. Amen.