Heaven: Eternal Life

Much of the difficulty man has with understanding heaven relates to his dependence on things that he can sense. What man can touch, hear & see have a powerful impact on what he believes. Heaven is described in the Bible (I Corinthians 2:9)as: "Things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him". It becomes obvious from this statement that man is incapable of really understanding the complete reality of heaven.

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of life in heaven will be the absence of conflicting emotions. The absence of conflicting thoughts and emotions will promote a deep sense of well being that all is well, that all will be well forever. Nothing will disturb or change this paradise forever. When a million, billion, trillion years have passed this paradise will hardly have begun. Think of the stakes that are involved here. Consider seriously what this means to you and your future.

Another attribute will be freedom. Freedom from worry, from conflict, from self-doubt, from uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, from pain, from depression, from discouragement, from all sickness and ill health (whether physical or emotional) from guilt, from uncertainty, from rejection, from unloving attitudes, and the list goes on. The Lord will walk with us face to face. We will feel His deep love and acceptance of us. We will never doubt again that we are accepted, valuable, worthwhile, and deeply loved - our hearts will constantly overflow with these thoughts and feelings. The love and joy will so flood our hearts that no negative or conflicting emotion will have a chance to take root.

There will be no jealously there. Some wonder if the differences of rewards for earthly service will cause divisions. As we have stated before, each person will be filled to their capacity with blessedness, joy and love and there will be no room for anything else. We will all be filled to the top with the goodness of God. There will be no room for anything but joy, gratitude, and love. We will truly, without any reservations, wish each other well. We will know God in a way that we can only guess at here on earth. As we know Him, we will love Him with all our heart. We will have no reservations about Him for He is the type of person that is lovable to a degree we don't perceive on earth. To know Him and His unimaginable love for us will lead to a love that will fill us - it will leave no room for anything but love and allegiance to Him.

Some wonder if we will feel a loss because of those who have chosen not to follow God, and have entered the profound suffering of eternal death. His beautiful compelling spirit will so fill our hearts that there will be no room for such feelings of loss.

Some wonder if heaven will ever be boring. Remember the times when you were overwhelmed by joy, love or gratitude for something or someone in your life. Were you bored with the overwhelming feelings? I don't believe that you were, I think rather you wished that they could endure forever but life would eventually rob you of them. Nothing will rob you of them in heaven and of course they will be even more intense and wonderful. Besides this, there appears that there will be challenges (helping in some way in the kingdom of heaven). Consider the incredible stakes that are in involved here. Eternity is a long unending time. We live here less than 100 years on the average. What you do here in our relatively short stay will have a profound impact on your stay in eternity. For you own self-interest consider carefully your choices. Make sure that you live your life in a manner that will insure you a place in that incomparable kingdom. If not, your regrets will be inconsolable.