Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 1

God has never had a beginning, He has always existed.  Do you find this a bit of a stretch?  Why do we have trouble imagining this?  It is because we are created beings who have limited intelligence.  Simply speaking, we don’t have a big enough brain.

    Unlike God, we are designed and created beings.  Our Creator placed limits on our mental, and for that matter, all our capacities.  One man calculated that for God to do what He has done in creating the universe and life, He has to be trillions of times more powerful and intelligent than us.  Compared to God, we really are small-brained creatures.

    Since we are small-brained creatures (in relationship to the Creator), we are faced with many things that are simply beyond our capacity to understand.  It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to understand as much as we can, it just means that we will, at times, come up against something too big for us to understand.  Life is that something, it is bigger than us and we need something bigger than life to help us understand it.  God is that something and though we can only glimpse the very minutest attributes of His personhood, it is enough.

    Science is finding that the universe had a beginning.  This is a problem for some people.  The problem  revolves around the fact that, if there was a beginning, something had to be there to start it.  That something had to be bigger then what was created since no one can  create something bigger then themselves.  In fact, we can only create things that are far, far inferior to us.  Try to create a dog or cat, from scratch.

    This initial beginning of all that we can see and know is called the big bang.  It was not the beginning of God but was simply the means He used to create the universe that we see,  and which one day we were to become part of.  Since we are humans and not animals, we can and will ask the question, “why did He create this universe, what was He trying to do?”   Since we are limited (small-brained), we can’t adequately answer these questions.   But just because we don’t comprehend something, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  Simply because we cannot see, touch, smell, taste and hear something is not sufficient evidence to conclude that it doesn’t exist.

     After creating the universe, God at some point, began to experiment with life forms on our planet earth.  We know for certain that the earth is not the physical center of the universe but a case could be made that it may be the biological center.  The old bones and fossils that scientist have found show evidence that God was creating different types of life forms down through the ages.  No one really knows how or why He created the dinosaurs, but we have evidence that they were here and then gone.  At some point God decided to make man.