Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 2

Men and women are similar to animals in some ways but also quite different.  The big difference is that we have a soul.  Our souls gives us the capacity to ask questions like “how can God have no beginning, what must this God be like, who am I, how can I find love and happiness in this life, if God is real what is He to me, where do I fit in this universe, why do I feel so inadequate and unloved at times, how can I find the meaning, acceptance, love, and purpose that I yearn for.   It also gives us the capacity to have a personal relationship with God.

    God created man to have a close, dependent, loving relationship with Him.  God gave men and women the ability to choose what they would be dependent on, that is, what type of God they would serve.  Since men and women were designed to be dependent on something (some god) they have designed and pursued  many types of gods to accommodate their wants and desires, but there is only ONE TRUE GOD.  We can learn about this God by reading His communication to us through men who knew Him well.  The book that has this communication is the  Bible.  God tells us over and over in the Bible that He loves us and invites us come to Him in faith and receive the love, acceptance, security, meaning and purpose that we were originally designed to receive from Him.

    After God created man and woman, things were going quite well in paradise.  But one day an evil being, called Satan, in rebellion against God, tricked the man and woman into depending on themselves.  They directly and intentionally disobeyed God.  They were not strong enough, or wise enough to be their own God.  All the good that they had been receiving in God came tumbling down.  They were scared and for good reason, life was bigger than they were and they had taken their own welfare into their own hands.  They were trying to manipulate life so that it wouldn’t do them harm but they weren’t big enough to pull it off, they had given up their security in God for an uncertain existence.

    Man and woman had fallen sharply and deeply from the secure, joyful paradise they had enjoyed to a life that included pain, weeds and other unsavorily elements.  They had not been designed for this type of life and it showed up physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Now they would have to deal with physical ailments and die, and emotionally they would have to experience pain, rejection, conflict, depression, anxiety, fear and many other emotions they had never experienced.  Since they were not on face-to-face terms with God, they would also lose the spiritual security they had experienced.  Worse still they would have to face the prospect of spiritual death if something was not done.  Some people think that spiritual death is to exist forever without any goodness from God, with only pain, intense suffering, unconsolable regrets and conflict as eternal companions.