Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 3

Have you ever taken a spanking for someone else who was guilty, or perhaps, you were reprimanded at work or in a social setting for someone else’s mistake? If you have, you will begin to understand a little the sacrifice that Christ was to make. Of course, this does not help us to understand the enormity of Christ’s sacrifice for us. You and I are the guilty ones. We have turned our backs to God and lived in opposition to Him. We have not lived in the way that God has designed us to live. Christ suffered for our mistakes and our outright opposition to God.  We could have lived as God wanted us to, and reaped all the benefits, but we would not.  Now we have become fools, but God still loves us for reasons that are difficult to understand.  He judged our corrupt behavior and pronounced us guilty and condemned us to physical and spiritual death, but His love and mercy allowed Him to take off His judge’s robe and come to earth to join us, and die for us.

    Consider the Prussian general who had been given the command of a large group of undisciplined troops. They had to be ready to fight in short order. Some of the sentries were caught sleeping one night. At the trial the next day the general donned his judge’s robe and after hearing all the evidence found them guilty. Their sentence was the standard for this offense, sitting all night on a frozen lake without clothes. Since the temperature outside was below zero, it was a death sentence. Their punishment caught the attention of all the troops. Fear spread through their ranks and discipline increased dramatically. 

    The general knew that the men needed more than discipline to win the battles ahead. He also knew they needed to learn to sacrifice for the common good, they needed heart. So he took off his robe and his clothes and joined his men on the ice that night. The troops went into battle without their general, but his example of compassion and sacrifice started a fire in their hearts that the enemy could not put out.  God’s love is similar but bigger.

    Recently I was in the country of Haiti.  While there I met a young Haitian man named Ludget who was raised as a virtual slave from 5 years old until late in his teens.  In that culture they have a practice that can only be called insane.  If a boy or girl is an orphan or born into a family who cannot feed them, they are shipped to another family who has complete control over them with minimal social taboos as to how they treat these children.  It doesn’t take too much imagination to see how many of these children are treated.

    When the boy was 5 years old, a violent man paid a Voodoo priest to put a curse on his mother and within several weeks she was dead.  As she died she had both the physical suffering, and the emotional suffering of knowing that her helpless son would suffer greatly without her protection.  Loving her son intensely she would be frantic, desperate to find a way to save him the horrors of slavery.  But alas, she was helpless to prevent her approaching death and the fate of her young son.  Years later when he became a young man, he told of his troubled childhood in an article called “Abandoned”.  Here is a quote from that article.

    “When I was very young, when Momma die, I thought there is no hope for me,” he finally said, “I even wonder why, I wonder why I did not die in the same hour, the same minute as my momma.”

    The interpreter was doing his best to convey the young man’s message, starting and stopping in his attempts to get the wording just right.

    “I ate my food with tears,” he continued,  “my grandmother and uncle said I was no good, a no-account.  I eat my food with my tears, because they curse me because I do not have Mommy and Daddy.  They say I will be a good-for-nothing forever because I didn’t  have a momma or daddy.  They want me to be in charge of all the work.  I was to do everything.  They force me to do work I could not do.  I had no one to stand up for me.  I didn’t have anywhere to go, so I had to do everything they made me do, with tears.  When I wanted to have some free time, to be with some of the little neighbors to play with, they would whip me and say I should not want to have my own time.”

    Picture your son or daughter or perhaps your father or mother going through something like this.  Just because God is powerful, doesn’t mean He feels less emotion than us.  To send His son to certain death and suffering was no less painful for God than the pain this young Haitian mother felt.  I don’t know what God does with intense emotion so it is hard to describe His intense feelings of love and sadness at the loss of His Son and how He handled it, but His heart must have been broken by His Son’s sad departure and His knowledge of coming events.  But God so loved us , His creation who were guilty, inferior and corrupted, so much that He sent the Son that He loved dearly, to die for us.   When those who have rejected this sacrifice, die and stand before God, He will send them to eternal death (hell).  He has stated this over and over, it is a fact.