Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 4

On Earth, Christ was to fit in with the culture as a carpenter for 30 years and then He began to tell the world God’s message.  He had to put up with prejudice, immorality, rejection and stupidity from the people He had come to give a second chance.  He was to show and tell people how to serve God, and the awful consequences if they didn’t.  I would encourage you to read the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) to see what Jesus was saying to people about life and about God.

    One of the major elements in Jesus’s mission was paying a ransom for you and me.  We had sinned and were justly condemned to death (both physically and spiritually).  A man guilty of a crime, in some past ages, could be freed if another would pay a ransom.   Jesus came here to be a ransom for us, to pay the price that we could not begin to afford.

    So His mission included telling humanity the truth about their opposition to God, their sinfulness before God, and their condemned condition.  Even greater than this, He came to suffer for humanity providing us the opportunity of a second chance to serve God and avoid eternal death.

    In ancient Palestine, the olive was highly prized for oil and food.  The ancients may have known what we are finding out today, that olive oil is good for our bodies.  The Jews would place the olives in a heavy stone container and place a heavier stone, of perhaps 6 foot tall and several feet in diameter, on top of the olives.  A little primitive compared to today’s olive presses but very effective never the less.  Jesus’s suffering in the garden of Gethsemane  was compared to this press.  The weight of our sins was the large stone and He was the olives.  He experienced incredible pressure, so much so that it began squeeze the blood out of Him as He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before He died.

    The Romans were masters at paying back those who had crossed them.  Death on the cross was one of their crowning achievements, a fact that was attested to by those unfortunate enough to have angered them.  It was simply one of the most painfully lingering deaths one could experience.

    As bad as crucifixion was, I believe that there was something even greater that Christ feared.   God the Father and Jesus had never been separated in spirit.  They had a overwhelming love and respect for each other.  This unity of spirit was about to be destroyed as Jesus carried our sins to His death.  In a sense He would be separated from God the Father and spend time in hell for you and me.  This sounds extreme but it was the price of our second chance.  It was a price that was so high that it defies our best efforts to imagine it.  Don’t trifle with God by demeaning, lowering or rejecting this sacrifice.

    Our first parents made a huge blunder leaving the secure and loving dependence on God that they had been freely given.  Jesus came to give you and me a second chance.  We may feel it was unfair for God to condemn all of us because of our first parents bundler.  I will not debate this issue but it becomes immaterial since Jesus has given us a second chance.  Will we make the same blunder our ancestors did?

    Our first parents had an advantage we do not have today, since they were more pure than us, as sin had not entered the world yet, they were not contaminated by the effects of sin.   They could interact with God face-to-face but today we must interact by faith.  This means we interact with God on the inside, in our heart.  Communication that is not face-to-face is more difficult than being in the person’s presence but it is adequate to serve God well.