Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 5

Consider a man who lived in an evil country.  He hadn’t realized how evil his country was until one day he heard a broadcast from another country about this evil.   He watched around him to see if the broadcast was correct and it wasn’t long before he became convinced that it was true.

    He wanted to escape to the other country but this was impossible.  He was able to get a message to the other country in which he asked for help to know how to live better.  He used an old short wave radio to communicate with individuals within the other country to counteract the propaganda and evilness of the country he was born in.  The problem with the short wave radio was that it wasn’t perfectly reliable.  He could only talk certain times of the day, if atmospheric conditions would  allow clear, static free speaking, and if the radio was operating properly. The difficulties this man experienced in communicating is similar to the Christian living by faith, there are many times when our questions are not answered as clearly as we would like.   There are times when we feel alone and misunderstood when the faith communications don’t seem to reach all the way to God.  Someday the imperfect communication by faith, will be replaced by the perfection of living in God’s presence.

    It doesn’t take much study of the Bible to recognize that God desires a faith relationship with us.  It is to our best interest to pursue a relationship with God.  So why isn’t every human on this earth actively engaged in seeking to know God?  One reason is that we are far less intelligent than God and have trouble connecting the dots.  Another reason is our faulty thinking and bad judgement in spiritual matters which causes us to stubbornly resist knowing and trusting God.