Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 6

Let's suppose that there was a brilliant and compassionate scientist who was trying to improve the ability of the common ant to adapt better to his environment.  Let’s further suppose that he came up with a serum that when injected into an ant would allow them to have a very low level of human reasoning.  He decided to call these hybrid ants, huants.

    As the scientist was running this experiment, he remained in the background so that the experiment would not be tinted by his presence.  Suppose the huant was living on safe but hard rocky ground that required an effort to survive.  One day in his foraging for food, he finds a place that has smooth, soft, mellow ground with a nice stand of green grass. He realizes that life here would be much easier than life on the rocky, hard soil.

    The scientist would, of course, have a much better view of things as he watched from high above in the background. Since the scientist is of far superior intelligence and cares what happens to his creation, he is able to see potential problems long before the huant and he wants to protect these creatures as much as possible.  The site that the huant has chosen for his families new home is a dry creek bed that floods several times a year.  What can the scientist do to prevent the huant family from being destroyed at the first heavy rain?

    The experiment requires that he not be directly observable.  The scientist decides to construct some earthen barriers to stop the huant from reaching the creek bed.  He uses all his resources to stop the huant from moving and succeeds.  The huant has heard that his race was created by and watched over by a human. He was also told that his race could not really see humans, but it was a long standing belief that they existed. It was further stated that humans had a great deal to do with the huant’s existence.

    The huant family is frustrated and angry that they cannot have their way.  They have tried hard to get through the barriers but finally realize that the forces of "nature" are against them. They cry out "if there really is a human he must not care much for us, or he would see our situation and come to our rescue, how could he be so uncaring. Perhaps humans don't exist and the ones who say they do are just a bunch of deceived fools.   What kind of a uncaring creature would allow life to be so difficult for us,” they might shout with clinched fist toward the sky.