Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Part 8

There will be suffering and pain without end for everyone who travels the left road.  That is what Jesus was trying to tell the people of His age and all of us today.  He was saying to get right with God now, while there is time.  It is not to your self interest to continue on this road, it leads to disaster.  Think of your family and friends who respect you and the influence you are having on them and what your example may cost them.  If you will not save yourself at least do not stand in their way.

    The road to the right is narrow and doesn’t appear as inviting as the left road.  It is the road less traveled.  The main purpose of those on this road  is not one’s happiness, but rather learning to know and love God, devoting oneself to Him and His kingdom.  All the events, good and bad, that people on this road experience help them to grow spiritually and to learn to trust and love their God.  Life on this road is not a rose garden, but those on it have a peace and assurance that God is with them and when they close their eyes in death He will take them to paradise.  People on this road live normal lives in one sense, but there is something different about them.  What is different is that God is in charge of their lives.   Their motivation is therefore more difficult to others who do not know God.

    Life on this road requires voluntarily allowing God to run the controls of their life and learning to become dependant on Him as their God.  It means giving up their own faulty ideals about life and allowing God’s ideals and purposes to predominate.   It is loving God first and foremost as they learn that He is worthy of their worship and trust.  It is learning to love one’s neighbor as himself and doing good to all mankind.  It is finding joy, and yes, happiness in living life God’s way, trusting and depending on Him to lead them and show them the best possible way to live.  It means living beyond their own selfish wishes and natural abilities and allowing the King of the Universe to lead, guide and infuse them with divine energy, wisdom, love and power.   It is an adventure that never ends for at the end of this road lies eternal bliss in paradise.

    As you read this article you will come to the Y in your life’s journey.  Your eternal destiny depends on which road  you choose.  Also, the people around you, your parents, peers, children and friends are affected by your life and the choices you make.  Consider carefully what has been said and then make your choice.  

    If you choose the road less traveled, the right road, I welcome and commend you, you will never regret this choice, especially when you face death.  To walk with the King of all creation doesn’t mean that we have it made here in this life; there will be good times and tough times, but it is a fascinating and challenging journey with a reward beyond our finest efforts to imagine.