Why Do We Relate to Fairytales? (Part 1)

Have you ever looked at the night sky and tried to fathom its Creator?  Have you ever asked this great Creator, perhaps with tears, why life can be so difficult and unfair at times?  Have you ever entertained a desire for this great God to protect you from the pain of life and have tried to comprehend the place of beauty, safety, and wellbeing He has promised those who are His children?  This is the stuff of fairytales, tales that end in circumstances of supreme joy and happiness.  Is it really possible that there is such a place of wonder and beauty for us?

One of the most popular films ever made was “THE SOUND OF MUSIC”.  There has been a great deal of conjecture as to why this movie has such a following, even after all these years. 

There was, of course, a very well known actress in the movie but it seems that the appeal of the film is greater than the actors, setting, or directing of the movie.  The answer may lie in the story itself.

The story has character, not cheap and easy sex, dishonesty or senseless violence and brutality; no it took a higher road than that. 

It shows the emerging dark cloud of Nazism, with all its evil designs, trying to dominate a nation that wanted none of it.  The leading characters act in conjunction with moral and ethical principles and develop strong bonds with one another.  It reflects certain selflessness and dedication.

Most of all it has a fairytale ending.  The narrow escape from evil and the promise of a life filled with happiness and contentment. 

Our Creator endued us with the ability to imagine.  When we listen to stories that contain struggles of good against evil with the final outcome of a “happy ever after” life, we are following the stuff of fairytales.  Don’t we all want to think that the struggles we experience today will lead to a better tomorrow?  There is something within us that seeks for a better life, a place where we can rest and find peace for our weary hearts.

Our Creator designed us for paradise.  We humans have created a world of conflict and struggle by some unbelievably bad choices and ongoing evil in the human heart.  What this world has become, was not God’s idea or design for us.  Do you find yourself, as I do, seeking for a place where we can be surrounded by real love, happiness, and a deep sense of well being?  That is the type of world that God has designed us for and I believe that, if we have not become too cynical, the “happy ever after” stories strike a chord deep within us.  We want to believe that this type of world exists.  We desperately want to think the story of our life will have a happy ending.

Coming soon: Part 2 of Why We Relate to Fairytales