Christ's Eternal Nature

Q. If christ has no beginning, then how did he come to be? EVERYTHING has a beginning and end.

A. Dear Friend, You have asked some very good questions about how God came to be and you are right, there is no way that we with our finite minds can comprehend how a Person could have no beginning. That is why He is God. The Bible tells us that God (existing as Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has always been and always will be. We have to accept that on faith. We as human beings had a beginning at some point but the Bible also tells us that we will always exist-that our bodies will someday die but that our soul will live forever in some place. This time on earth is given to us so that we can chose where we will spend eternity. This is the reason that 2,000 years ago Jesus took on a body like us, was born, lived a perfect life, and voluntarily gave his life on a cross so that we could live with Him forever if we believe that He gave his perfect life for our sins. You see, He rose from the dead and now lives again in heaven. He wants very much for you to know that He loves you deeply, to trust Him, follow His ways, and be with Him when your life here is over. Finally, the Bible tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please or know God. It also tells us that faith is a gift from God, so please ask Him for help in understanding more of His ways. I will pray for you to-there is nothing God wants more than for you to come to Him and ask.