Dealing with Scars of the Past

Q. How do you deal and heal from the scars of the past?

A. Dear Friend, I am so glad that you are a believer and attend church regularly. You have every hope of becoming all that God meant you to be and heal from the scars of your past as you grow to know the Lord better and fellowship with other believers. I love the passage in Isaiah 9:6 as it refers to the Lord as our “Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace” and also in Psalm 84:5-7 where the Valley of Bacca is known as a valley of trouble in Israel’s history. You did not mention the specific hurts you have experienced but know that the Lord has equipped His people to help each other and that there are Christian counselors who can help you to work through the areas where you may still need some assistance. Google “American Association of Christian Counselors” (AACC) for further resources. The Lord cares for you and can use these experiences in your life for good so that you can be a compassionate and strong helper of others in similar circumstances. I will pray for you that you will be led to those who can help you.