Do Christians Follow All the Laws of the Old Testament?

Q. How come Christians don't follow the laws of the old testament? i thought they were eternal?

A. Dear Friend, Thank you for your recent question concerning following the Old Testament Laws. Certainly, the Ten Commandments are to be followed and the other judicial laws contained in the Old Testament are the basis for Western Civilization's judicial code. The dietary and health laws set standards for healthy living. The restrictions on certain foods was lifted from Christian practice when Peter received the vision in Acts 10:9-22 and Paul's writings in Romans 14 & I Tim 4:3. Of course, the ceremonial laws for worship of God were fulfilled in Jesus. I hope this helps; I am not a Bible Scholar, just someone who loves the Lord. Following God's ways are a matter of the heart for which the Ten Commandments give us solid guidelines. I hope you will continue to seed His ways in His Word. God Bless.