Is Hell Real?

Q. Hi, why do you believe in hell?

A. Dear Friend, thank you for your question about hell. Please know that I am not a Bible scholar, just a person who loves the Lord and His Word, the Bible. I believe in the existence of hell, or a place of eternal separation from God, for two reasons. First, the Bible concordance I have (which is not an exhaustive one) contains 53 references to hell that are present in the Bible. As a believer, if I believe in the heaven of the Bible, then I must believe in the hell of the Bible. The second reason I believe in a place called hell is because the God of the Bible is holy and just. He is the only One who can be completely fair because He is also all-knowing. I personally would have a difficult time trusting and loving a God who did not punish evil. In our world today as in the past horrific examples of Hitler and Stalin, there are so many examples of evil causing great hurt to others. Satan and hell are real and we are wise to cling to the Lord and revere and love Him for the amazing and good God that He is.