Is Jesus God or Just the Son of God?

Q. Is Jesus God the son or the son of God? If Jesus had not died on the cross for our sins would He have live for ever here on earth since He was sinless. Sin introduced death and sickness to Man!

A. Thanks for taking the time to write us. You might find errors in punctuation or grammar since our first priority is to answer questions and the second priority is to be correct in punctuation and grammar. Jesus was called several different names in the Bible. It is my opinion that the most correct would be, God the Son. God exists in three persons, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. One astronomer, after viewing the complexities of the universe, came to the conclusion that God is trillions of times more intelligent and powerful than us. There are things that we will never understand about Him, but thankfully that is not the issue. The issue is that He has given us enough information to learn to trust Him and is so doing find a much better life here and in eternity. So when we are faced with the many mysteries of the Bible, we can try to apply our human intelligence and become confused, or seek out the things that He wants us to know about life. If we believe that we must know every thing there is to know about Him, before we can trust Him, we will never ever trust Him. I believe it is to all of our self interests to see what He has to say. There are several ways to look at the effects of sin. There are the effects of sin that cause physical and psychological problems for those born on earth and there is the sin in our spirits that causes us to die spiritually. When the original humans disobeyed God, it set up a chain reaction on earth. One of the problems it produced was genetic. It caused disruptions in the genetic material that makes up all life. This meant that humans would be born with or be prone to physical and psychological problems. It also meant that all living creatures would have a life span and then would die physically. Therefore even Christ (sinless) would experience these genetic problems and would have to die physically. The effects of sin on our spirit is a much more complex issue. I would encourage you to look at several of the faqs on the home page and also read the article on “from here through eternity” on the home page. All good things come from God, enjoying a piece of apple pie, a beautiful summer day, the love of a spouse or child, and every other good thing we experience. God allows everyone on the earth, to a certain degree, to experience good things. He is far more loving than humans. He gives good things to them who even hate Him. Some people wish that God would leave them alone, but they are ignorant of what this would mean. If God ever withdraws His help from someone, they will never again experience anything good. Despair, depression, rejection, regret, etc. is all that is left. This, I believe, is what the Bible calls spiritual death (hell); the total withdrawal of God’s help. You might also look at the faq on being saved. It is to our self interest to make sure that we are walking with God. We may get through life without yielding to him, but the moment we die, we will regret it forever. Therefore, it would seem that sinlessness would not spare one from dying physically, but it would assure that one would not die spiritually. Bob