Questions about Speaking in Tongues

Q. Is it Biblical for a Christian to speak in tounges, have a gift of Phrophecy and lay hands on the sick for a devine healing? I am Pentecostal and beleive in all above. Id like another Christian perspective on this backed by scripture. God Bless.

A. Dear Friend, First of all, thanks for your question. You need to know that I am not a Bible theologian but just a fellow Christian so with that, I will answer your question in the best way I can. The three gifts of the Spirit you mentioned were evident in the book of Acts and are further expanded on in 1 Cor 12 & 14 along with other gifts of the Spirit. I Cor 13 is devoted entirely to the one foundational gift of charity and very plainly states that all other gifts are nothing if not exercised with the motivation of charity. I do find it interesting that the three you picked out have tended to be the ones that are often used for personal gain (notoriety or financial or both) with sensational appeal and also those which have been used for issues of contention and division in the Church. One of my best friends from high school was a member of a Pentacostal church but these gifts were never used as a point of contention in our friendship. We just respected that we chose to worship the Lord differently. In conclusion, I would just ask you that you carefully examine the motives behind especially public arena use of these gifts. These are gifts which, in my opinion, should be exercised primarily within the privacy of the local body of believers only. Again, ask "what is the motive behind the use of this gift in this setting? First Cor 13 tells us that prophecies will fail, and tongues will cease but that love (charity) never fails (vs 8).