What Happens When We Die?

Q. What happens when we die? Do we sleep in the grave?

A. There remains only two eternal destinations for our souls once we die. Hebrew 9:27 says, "...it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this, the Judgement". Once we close our eyes in death, or the Lord Jesus Christ returns, our eternal destination is concreted in place and cannot be changed. We read in Revelations 20:11-15 about the Great White Throne judgement of all man kind. Here, those whose names are not found in the Book Of Life are cast into the Loake of Fire. Those who have repented for their sins and have placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, are ushered into Heaven, which we can read about in Chapters 21 & 22. A friend of mine mentioned that when we sleep (here on earth), it seems that we have slept only a short while, then it is morning. We have no concept of time while we sleep. Perhaps that is how sleeping in the grave is. There are different viewpoints among Christians but Matthew 11: 28 tells of Jesus's invitation to come to Him and rest. Many struggle with the idea of repentence or about Heaven and Hell. Jesus doesn't want us to worry so much, He wants to give us joy and peace in knowing Him personally and He wants us to be with Him in Heaven. He gives us free will to chose His ways, or to follow Satan in our own worldly ways. His ways are not difficult because He holds all the answers to life's trials and questions, and loves us so much. As we spend more time reading and studying God's Word, He gives us more understanding and wisdom and reveals to us what is important for us to know. May God bless you.