Will We See Our Loved Ones When We Die?

Q. do we reunite with our loves ones when we die

A. Thanks for the question. We will include two thoughts on this question. The question, "do we reunite with our loved ones when we die", is a hard question that some Christians might have different opinions on. First, as followers of Jesus Christ and believers in the inspired Word of God (the Bible), I would say the answer is,yes. At some level, people will be reunited with their loved ones in eternity - if you have the same destination as your loved one(s). The Bible teaches us that there are two destinations - Heaven and Hell; both of them are eternal and permanent. After death there is not a time period where a “higher power” decides which destination is the one we will be heading to. There is not an opportunity to go to one and “work our way to the other.” Our destination of Heaven and Hell is determined by our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, committing our lives to Him, recognizing that we are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. We need a mediator, Jesus. When we can realize our state and need for a savior, by putting our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we will be in Heaven (which is also called Paradise)!!! To learn more about Heaven and how you or others can join us there, please refer to the website for many teachings on this subject (or you can just ask; we would love to share more with you). So, assuming that both parties are Heaven-bound, then I believe that Scripture teaches us that we will “reunite” with our loved ones. An example from the Word of God is when Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be with him in paradise. This declaration from Jesus implies that there will be some sort of understanding of our earthly relationships in Heaven. The Bible also teaches us that there is no marriage in Heaven, and that we will be like the angels. This fact implies that the reunion with our loved ones in Heaven won’t be the same as we would think of reuniting with them here on earth…it will actually be far better!!! If you think of earthly relationships they are often flawed and imperfect, in Heaven there will be no flaws or imperfections. So, based on that principle if your loved one(s) do not have the same eternal destination; it will not be sad for the party that is in Heaven, and they will not recognize this factor - which reiterates the idea that we will reunite with our loved ones at some level. However, it will be a different relationship than we can comprehend here; again, it will be far better! Assuming that the parties are both in Hell, the Bible, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t talk about how relationships will be in Hell; it just talks about how miserable Hell will be: How we will thirst for just one drop of water along with many other miserable things. Based upon that belief, if there is recognition in Hell it will be in a very miserable and negative context; it will not be a joyful or satisfying reunion. John Answer #2 True believers do have the hope of reuniting with loved ones who have gone on before us. For all those who have their names written in the Book of Life(Revelations 20) We look forward to meeting loved ones in Heaven. One example that comes to mind is when King David and Bathsheba's son died King David said" I shall go to him."(II Samuel 12:23). It will be a joyful reuniion with loved ones in Heaven, including all young children not yet to the age of accountability who have gone on before us. Here are the words of the last verse of the old Christian Hymn,"Beyond the Sunset." Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion, with our dear loved ones who've gone before; In that fair homeland we'll know no parting, Beyond the sunset forevermore."