Clouds That Rescue

He loads the clouds with moisture; …At his direction they swirl around over the face of the earth to do whatever he commands them. Job 37:11-12 (NIV)

The soaking August heat along coastal China surpasses the sauna. I was there in l994 as a Christian teacher of English. Our eleven-member team taught at a summer institute for young Chinese teachers connected to China's oil industry. The school we taught at was not air-conditioned. The fifth, and top floor in the school was the warmest. Today it was my turn to deliver a lecture on North American History in the auditorium on this floor. No one had thought to open the windows before several hundred of us filed in. The temperature and humidity outside were in the nineties, Fahrenheit and percent respectively. The stifling air inside topped one hundred degrees F. Sweat trickled off every part of me. My head throbbed with over-heated blood. If this is what fainting felt like, I was close. "Please Lord," I silently prayed, "Cool this room down. I cannot think to teach!" The intense heat continued to roast us as we waited for the school bell to ring. Within a few minutes, though, a cool breeze began to blow through the recently opened windows. The sudden draft brought exquisite relief as each gust evaporated our sweat. Then a cloud covering came over the school. I began to give a lucid history lecture as my body temperature lowered from the unexpected wind and shade. As the bell rang again, we moved out and down to cooler floors. The breeze stopped and the shading clouds disappeared; no matter. The sweltering school day was over. Everyone headed back to cooler lodgings. Never will I forget the mighty hand of the Lord directing the weather this day on our behalf!

Jesus, thank you for being ruler over all weather. The wind, the lightning, and the thunder praise you. So do we. Amen.

By By Merilee (Washington, USA)