Jesus Wept

Bible Verse:
Jesus wept. John 11:35

Meeting ends early! I get on the road a little early, and beat rush hour traffic to the airport. I get there, get my ticket, and am on “standby” for an earlier flight. The airport attendee informs me that the plane is empty, and my chances of getting on the earlier flight, are pretty good. What could go wrong, right? Well, the early flight is delayed. One hour turns to two, turns to three. I head to the gate of my original flight, and that one is delayed as well. Five hours later I’m still in the airport, waiting on a plane, any plane. We finally board, but are on the ground for 35 more minutes. So much for all those things that were humming along earlier! Maybe your story is not an airplane. Maybe it’s a party that you thought you had tickets to, but did not. Maybe it’s a flat tire on your way to meet some friends, or your check wasn’t right when you got it. The bittersweet challenges of life leave us sometimes smiling through our tears, or laughing to avoid thinking! You know the story of Lazarus, don’t you? He is the man whom Jesus raised from the dead. He is the man who was called by name by Jesus at the grave site, and came out at the call of the Master’s voice. Because of Lazarus, Jesus had one of those days. He told the disciples that “this sickness was not unto death”. But he only ran into a bunch of doubters! He told the sisters that their brother would rise again, and they said, sure he will, (not now) in the resurrection. So, Jesus wept! Why did Jesus weep? Jesus wept because of the lack of faith of the people around him. Some said that it was over; some even suggested that they all give up together. Even the power of Jesus was not enough to give them hope that things could change. So: Jesus wept! Not because His friend was “temporarily” down, but He wept because people did not believe that Jesus could make things better. How is your faith? Where is your faith? Does Jesus weep daily at your lack of faith?

Ending Prayer:
Father, we know that you are God! We know that you can do all things but fail. We pray that, where there is doubt, that you would remove it and replace it with faith. We pray that, where there is hopelessness, that you would replace it with hope. We pray that, where there is fear that you will eliminate all fear and replace it with an unyielding, unwavering faith that believes that the God we serve is able. In Jesus' name: Amen.

By Stephen ( Michigan,USA )