Waiting in the Silences

Bible Verse:
When therefore He heard that he was sick, He stayed then two days longer in the place where He was. John 11:6 (NASB)

Martha and Mary were sisters whose brother Lazarus was deathly sick. So they did the right thing and sent for Jesus. But Jesus waited. They did everything that they should have. Did Jesus immediately reward their trust in Him and remedy the current crisis? No. In fact, He waited until the situation got to the point where it appeared beyond help, to where Lazarus died. Were Martha and Mary frustrated? Were they confused with God’s dealings? I am sure they were. But God knew the outcome. God deliberately let the situation become bleaker. Are there times in our lives when we have been hammered and are reeling and we make the correct choice, which is to call upon God, and He does not do what we want? And things are getting worse and we are praying but there is no change or even answer? God delayed with Martha and Mary because He was not merely content to heal a sick man as much as He wanted to raise a dead man. God will oftentimes be silent in our darkest moments, but often that is because He has a greater desire than to merely make us comfortable. Do we trust God because of what He does for us or because of who He is? Do we love God because of His responses or because of His promises? We must trust God even in the silences.

Ending Prayer:
Teach me to not to desire comfort but to desire God’s will. Amen.

By Bob La Forge